• Window Cleaning In/out (truest experience of a clean window,
    you'll love ur clean windows!)
  • Window Cleaning out (Exterior window cleaning, we don't use long
    poles as a substitute for ladders,  poles lack quality)
  • Screen Cleaning (highly recommended when screens on outside of
    glass, makes absolutely no sense to have a clean window with a dirty screen)
  • Storm window cleaning(time consuming dismantling, unfortunately its
    gotta get done to view cleanly through the layers of glass)
  • Mirror Cleaning (surprisingly popular, clear mirror smile)
  • Chandelier Cleaning (gets dirty like everything else, you'll be happy you had it done)
  • High level ladder work (picture ornament hanging, light bulb replacement,  
    dusting lofty places)

Other Services
  1. Gutter Cleaning (min. twice a year highly recommended)
  2. Pressure Washing (deck, house siding, concrete)
  3. Dryer Vent Cleaning (recommend once a year to prevent lint build
    up which is very combustible) Royal Oak mayor counts blessings after house fire
  4. Furnace filter Replacement (recommend twice a year min. No short
    cuts here. Indoor air quality is huge, you are what you breathe. What I pull off your windows is a
    barometer of ur indoor air quality. Frequent filter replacements a must, difference between dark
    oily water and clear).
  5. Window Caulking (air infiltration from old cracking depleted caulk
    causes wood rot not to mention the higher energy usage)
  6. Snow Plowing ( we have the expertise and equipment, been doing it
    equally as long as windows)
  7. Professional Handyman Service (knowledgeable creative
    solution solver, repair(save) opposed to replacing?)

  • A note for the Window Cleaning Service; our primary focus is the glass itself, care and
    consideration will be given to wipe tracks and sills clean,  however  a detailed cleaning may be
    needed, an extra charge would apply over an above the quoted price.
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